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The latest on Firms: More on the (missing?) missing middle debate, firms re-visited ten years later and does non-cognitive skills training encourage entrepreneurship?

Firms were a popular topic at the CSAE Conference. While two years ago there were only four sessions dedicated to firms, this year there were a solid seven sessions dedicated to firms (overtaking Labour!). In our last round-up blog on … Continue reading

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State Capacity in Developing Countries

A state that is able to protect its citizens, enforce property rights and provide public goods acts as the backbone of a functional economy. Researchers call this ability of the state to carry out its objectives ‘state capacity’, and there … Continue reading

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Babatunde Fashola and the return of public goods

Babatunde Fashola, the governor of the state of Lagos, recently came to speak at the Rhode’s House in Oxford for the Oxford Research Network on Governance (you can watch or listen to that talk at the Democracy in Africa blog). … Continue reading

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