Introducing the CSAE Blog

Welcome to the first post on the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) blog. This is our first foray into the blogosphere, and while my job with this preliminary post should be to entice you to keep an eye on this feed, my hope is that the content we’ll be providing will be intriguing enough to warrant your attention.

To keep things short, I’ll just tell you a bit about what this blog will be about. Not only will we have the standard news and updates commonly featured on institutional blogs, but we also aim to have more in-depth posts which go into more detail about the research that we do and the greater context. On top of that, a great deal of our content will eventually come from our own CSAE researchers, as they both discuss their own work and share their thoughts on work in similar areas.

For now, you can subscribe to our main feed here and follow us on twitter @Oxford_CSAE. We’d really love to have your comments on anything you write – you’ll find a comments section attached to each post, or e-mail us directly at

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