The CSAE Conference 2017 is about to begin!

From tomorrow onwards, CSAE will host one of the largest conferences on Development Economics, the annual CSAE Conference (Sun 19 – Tue 21 March 2017).

Three days, with 109 sessions, covering a wide range of topics, varying from macroeconomic and fiscal policy to education, firms, labour, health, household behaviour and much more! We have some exciting plenary sessions coming up as well: Macartan Humphreys, from Columbia University, will hold a keynote speech on Reflections on evidence in the age of fake news and discredited expertise, and there will be two panel sessions, one on African refugees and migration and one on the future of donor agencies in Africa.

This year we are welcoming 445 participants from over 35 countries. More than 60 of our participants are currently based at a sub-Saharan African institution. Furthermore, we also welcome many participants from country governments, international organizations and NGOs.

As every year, we received an enormous amount of submissions. This year we received 1172 submissions and after a strict vetting process a total of 335 papers were accepted. We would like to thank everyone for submitting their papers. There were many high quality submissions that we unfortunately had to reject.

Even if you are not physically in Oxford over the next days, you do not have to miss out. You can check the conference programme online, watch the plenary sessions and some of the parallel sessions using our live video streams and you can follow the debate and the discussion on Twitter, with hashtag #oxcsae2017. We will also be tweeting ourselves, from our @Oxford_CSAE twitter account.

Furthermore, you can expect several blog entries on the conference appearing on this blog, during and after the conference. Many of our graduate students, postdocs and others will be blogging about interesting papers they spotted at the conference!

P.S. For those attending the conference, please be reminded that registration opens tomorrow at 8:30 at the Porter’s Lodge of St. Catherine’s College. The first sessions will start at 11.00am.


About Elwyn Davies

Elwyn Davies is a DPhil student in Economics at CSAE and a Lecturer in Economics at the Queen's College, Oxford. He studies firm growth as well as on the adoption and effectiveness of incentives by firm managers.
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